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Long-term health, ease and simplicity of care, and quality of life are what you’re looking for.

You are your pet’s primary care provider. We assist you in the care of your pet.

Together, we can achieve that goal.

If your pet experiences chronic itching, licking of the feet, or chronic ear infections, we are tempted to think of those symptoms as the disease itself. In reality that is only what we can see.

What we can do is match treatments to the patient to trigger the body to do its own healing. This enables us to eliminate symptoms, layer by layer, and promote the long-term health of your pet.

We will work with you closely. You will be respected. We will intently listen to everything you have to say about your pet; even the most miniscule thing you notice can be a significant clue as to how best to treat your pet.

After working with us, you may see things in your pet that you have never seen before, like your cat stretching out to lie down and sleep instead of in a sitting position, or your dog whining less often and venturing out to explore.

Our goal is fewer visits to the vet, less treatment needed over time, and a happier, longer living pet.

Let us help you promote the long-term health of your pet so you and your pet can enjoy their life. Are you ready to invest in your pet’s health?

About Dr. Heusler

Dr. Richard Heusler trained and practiced for over thirty years in allopathic veterinary medicine but became increasingly dissatisfied with the results of the methods.

The main reason for the venture away is the fact that pets are likely to become dependent on the treatments and that those treatments are hard on the liver and kidneys, causing the quality of life and longevity to decrease.

He began to explore holistic methods in 2014, methods that would do no harm to the animal and help the body heal itself. He explored acupuncture, Chinese herbs, therapy lasers, and chiropractics.

What he found were methods that prompt and promote the body to do its own healing, and treatments that have little to no risk of adverse effects.

Dr. Heusler trained at the Pitcairn Institute of Veterinary Homeopathy, finishing his studies in September 2018. He has found that his homeopathic and other holistic methods can have better and faster results than he could have hoped in his allopathic practice.

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Schedule: Mon - Fri: 9:00a - 4:00p
(573) 426-4460